Shannon Albritton
Location: Illinois
IG: @shannonalbritton


How did you get started in the Hair industry?
I started cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell on a whim and found a natural hidden talent I never knew I had! I come from a long line of entrepreneurs so it made sense. I have always been an independent stylist, starting as a booth renter in a salon right out of school and then two years later I opened my own salon! I have now been a stylist for 7 years. Could not imagine myself working in any other industry.

What are your 3 must-have hair products?

  • IGK Good Behavior Dry Protein Spray
  • Kerastase Blond Absolu Oil
  • Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair Texture Spray.

If you could have dinner with one person living or deceased, whom would it be?
I would absolutely have dinner with Chelsea Handler in a heartbeat.

What’s your current favorite hair trend?
Give me ALL of the warm/rich tones. Butter blondes, Carmel brunettes and copper reds. I was impatiently waiting for them to make a comeback! I’m also very into the 90’s super model layers + blowouts.

If you could style one celebrity’s hair, who would it be?
My current obsession is with Sofia Richie Grainge.

Describe a typical day-in-your life?
Oh gosh ok here we go: Wake up @ 6:00 am to my one year old ready to start the day. Get ready while we watch cartoons and wait for her sister to wake up. Immediately crack open an ALANI Nu to get my personality going for the day, LOL. Get everyone in the car and dropped off and off to work I go! Open up the salon and prep for my first client of the day @ 9:00. I typically take between 2-3 clients a day depending. Always start with before content first and then finish with the perfect afters. Head home after my last client and immediately start to work on editing my content from the day, ready to post the following day. Then we do dinner, bath time, bed time. By the time I get myself into bed I have just enough energy to scroll through my feed + try and find some new inspiration for the next day🙏🏻.

What’s the one habit everyone can do to get better/healthier hair?
My three must do’s for healthy hair. Oil your ends EVERY SINGLE DAY. Watch your heat/washing amounts. Washing once a week + using heat only once or twice does WONDERS. And if possible, sleep in a braid at night to prevent breakage.

Do you have an inspiring female role models or mentors?
I feel like every stylist I follow on Instagram I gain some type of inspiration from. That’s the beautiful thing about social media and our industry. Everyone putting their creative art out there for others to see + enjoy.

Do you have any tips for artists starting out in the industry?
Say yes to everything. Do not limit yourself. Do not compare yourself. Find your own authentic style/brand and run with it. People are drawn to you because you are YOU. Not anyone else. And trust me, there are clients out there for everyone.

What do you do to feel more inspired?
Classes, online education, ask for hair models to try new techniques or styles on.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
This too shall pass.

What’s been your proudest moment in the industry?
My work making it into the 2023 Redken Seq LookBook + making top 50 in three categories for Masters Of Balayage Awards.

What would be your career path in another life?
I think I would always be some type of entrepreneur.

What is your favorite Bombshell Extensions Co product?
24” Machine Wefts are my JAM.

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Fave binge watch:
True Crime or Rom-Coms

Fave food:
Give me allllll the carbs. Preferably pasta.

Weekend activity:
Laying in the sun, girls night out or shopping always.

Coffee order:
Grande Iced Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso in a Venti cup. Make it a quad shot. 2 pumps brown sugar + 2 pumps toffee nut. Add sweet cream cold foam.

Next bucket list destination:
Almafi Coast, Italy


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