D: stands for 'Divided'.  A dimensional mix of the two colors listed (ie: D16/22)

R: stands for 'Rooted. The rooted portion comes down about 2 inches (ie: R8-8/613)

OM: stands for 'Ombre. The ombre portion comes down about 4 inches (ie: OM2/8)


#60, #613, and #22 are all solid blondes

#60 is the lightest platinum

#613 is light golden

#22 is medium golden.

As for our divided blondes, the lightest is: #D16/22 then #D18/22,  then #D14/22

D16/22 is a highlight/ lowlight best suited for light golden blondes - definitely a warmer tone!


Please note, we cannot guarantee a perfect color match from the online swatch images alone.  We highly recommend purchasing one of our color rings to ensure a perfect color match.
Reminder: There is a specific color ring for our Hand-Tied line vs all other Bombshell methods-- so be sure you have the correct color ring(s) for various install methods.

Hand-Tied Color Ring
Bombshell Universal Color Ring (for all other methods, except Hand-Tied)