Sara Hart
Location: Idaho Falls, ID
IG: @sarajanehart


How did you get started in the Hair industry?
I grew up wanting to be a hairstylist. My Mother is a hairstylist and my Grandfather was a barber. I loved spending time at their shop watching their interaction with clients, and seeing the magic they made.

What are your 3 must-have hair products?

  • Goldilocks Serum- It’s a must have for extensions!!!
  • Pureology Color Fanatic 21 Benefits- It’s the best leave in I’ve tried!
  • Amika Dry Shampoo- It helps get me through more days without washing my hair, and that’s pretty magical

If you could have dinner with one person living or deceased, whom would it be?
My Grandma Betty. Mostly because I miss her so much, but also because I’d love to tell her how successful I’ve become by “sewing hair”! She would be so proud of me for using one of the basic skills she taught me to advance in my career!

What’s your current favorite hair trend?
Long wavy hair! And these gorgeous blowout waves were seeing everywhere!!! I’ve never been a fan of real straight hair!

If you could style one celebrity’s hair, who would it be?
Riawna Capri who is actually a celebrity hairstylist, because she seems so freaking fun, her hair is amazing, and I could learn so much from her!

Describe a typical day-in-your life?
5:20- Wake up (I’m not a fan, because I love sleep)
6:00-6:45- F45 (favorite gym)
7:00-8:30- Get ready for my day
9:00- Start work with one of my fabulous assistants. I typically see between 6-8 guests a day. I am mostly doing extensions, but most of my extension guests get a color service as well, so I’m still doing plenty of color! I still have a few Men’s cut clients, because I love to cut hair, and always will.
6:30- Try to be done working so I can get home and have dinner with my husband. ❤️
9:00- Bed (because like I said earlier, I LOVE sleep)

What’s the one habit everyone can do to get better/healthier hair?
Get regular trims, but make sure they are “trims” and not “haircuts”. More like a dusting of your ends.

Do you have an inspiring role model or mentor?  What have you learned from them?
I have so many mentors and most of them have no clue. Some of my favorite Podcasts are The Thriving Stlylist with Brit Seva, Cash Confident Stlist with Misty Jane, Hairstylist Rising with Jodie Brown, Flipping the Industry with Tori johnston, and the School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. And my favorite book that definitely helped give me the kick in the pants I needed to elevate my business is You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero.

Do you have any tips for artists starting out in the industry?
Say yes to everything!!! Get really good at the basics and then dive all in head first into a specialty! And when you do dive into a specialty, practice, practice, practice, and spend the money for great educators!!! Take advantage of all of the free advertising in social media!

What do you do to feel more inspired?
Listen to business podcasts every morning while I’m getting ready!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Be kind!!! Honestly, just be nice! We all have moments when we’re not, we’re human! But as long as you’re kind way more than you’re not, you’re going to do great things and go places in life!

What’s been your proudest moment in the industry?
Opening my salon with my Mom almost 20 years ago and training over 25 stylists. It’s so hard training assistants, but it’s absolutely rewarding and it makes me so proud when they do so well in their careers!

What would be your career path in another life?
Probably a florist. I absolutely love flowers and I love sending and receiving flowers and all the joy flowers bring people.

What is your favorite Bombshell Extensions Co product?
I love the rooted hand tied wefts!!! R8-D8-613 is my favorite!!!


Fave binge watch:
Emily in Paris and Sex in the City )the original Sex in the City)

Fave food:
I love a good salad and eat one almost every day!

Weekend activity:
I love just about anything outside! Fishing, hiking, rafting, snowboarding and skiing

Coffee order:
Iced caramel macchiato 1/2 sweet

Next bucket list destination:
Greece I’ve wanted to go ever since I saw the play Mama Mia 19 years ago

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