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How did you get started in the Hair industry?
After one year of attending a college, I wasn’t passionate about the career I was pursuing. In college, I was traveling for weddings to style bridal parties and my mom mentioned cosmetology as a career switch. After my first month in school, I was a featured student in braiding and styling and was teaching other students on stage how to style hair. After graduating, I began my journey as an assistant. Within a full year of assisting, I became an independent artist in a booth rental salon. I started attending personal advanced education courses to grow my expertise. I traveled to Florida to attend a class with Bombshell Extensions to become blonding and extension specialist. After that, the rest is history!

What are your 3 must-have hair products?

  • Alfaparf Semi di Lino oil
  • Semi di Lino volume mousse
  • Unite Texturiza Spray

If you could have dinner with one person living or deceased, whom would it be?
Justin Vernon from Bon Iver

What’s your current favorite hair trend?
Dimensional blonding is it for 2023. I’m happy to say adios to artificial blondes

If you could style one celebrity’s hair, who would it be?
Blake Lively! Blonde icon

Describe a typical day-in-your life?
In a normal day, I wake up and go to the gym. I make sure that I have an IG post ready to go for the morning and go through emails and messages while doing cardio. I get ready and head to my salon on Frankfort Ave in Louisville, KY. I set up my work space for the day, (foils, clips, tripod for phone.) While doing my clients hair I’ll either film a YouTube video or an Instagram post. After my day in the salon, I head home and help my husband with dinner. At dinner we share our day and then we end the night reading or TV.

What’s the one habit everyone can do to get better/healthier hair?
Lived in is in and it’s the healthier option for blonding. For my blondes that want to feel blonder, extensions can enhance brightness without over applying to their actual hair. When heat styling, using proper products that create a shield and silk pillowcases when sleeping!

Do you have an inspiring female role models or mentors?
Cassie Siskovik has been such a wonderful mentor in my industry.

Do you have any tips for artists starting out in the industry?
Find your family. Whether that’s in your salon, online, or with a brand, it’s so important to be surrounded with people that inspire you and feed your passions.

What do you do to feel more inspired?
I like to shake it up. Doing the same thing every day becomes mundane to me. I like to be in new environments and find ways to challenge myself as an artist. I believe that we can be whatever we want to be in this industry and being behind the chair doesn’t have to be the only way to have an uplifting and successful career. Shows, events, education, competition and brand community are several areas that I take part in to elevate and inspire myself.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
When taking big leaps of faith to follow dreams we can sometimes become frantic and insecure. When I made my first decision in my career to go solo, my boss told me that living in a constant state of fear was going to keep you safe.. but sad. We live this life to live this life. And if you’re not fulfilling your purpose or even taking a step to try, then you’re letting yourself down. I’ve been following my dreams ever since and created a life that 20 year old me would be in awe of.

What’s been your proudest moment in the industry?
Attending my first show by myself. It landed me an opportunity to fly out to London and watch Nicola Clarke, pushed me to open up a studio on my own, and inspire others in my community.

What would be your career path in another life?
Hair is my love language and every fiber of my being. Very corny but I couldn’t imagine another career. It chose me and I’d choose it right back!

What is your favorite Bombshell Extensions Co product?
The Bombshell Weft in #613 + #8 the most beautiful lowlight for a blonde.



Fave binge watch:

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Weekend activity:
Martinis with the girls

Coffee order:
Small iced decaf with oat milk and one pump of vanilla

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May 05, 2023

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