Amanda Guichard
Location: Austin, TX
IG: @sewmelong


How did you get started in the Hair industry?
I was 4 years old playing with my Barbies and that's when I knew I wanted to be a stylist.

What are your 3 must-have hair products?

  • Oribe Hair Alchemy Serum
  • Oribe Moisturizing Masques
  • Oribe Gold Lust Oil

If you could have dinner with one person living or deceased, whom would it be?

What’s your current favorite hair trend?
I love the old money natural look

If you could style one celebrity’s hair, who would it be?
Britney Spears

Describe a typical day-in-your life?
Wake up, kids, work, kids, dinner, done. I consume a ton of caffeine & I love traveling every weekend.

What’s the one habit everyone can do to get better/healthier hair?
Take your vitamins!

Do you have any tips for artists starting out in the industry?
You have to work hard when you first start. You have to want to put in the hours if you want to be successful.

What do you do to feel more inspired?

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
"Be true to yourself."

What’s been your proudest moment in the industry?
My proudest moments are when my assistants transition into being a stylist. They work so hard and I love seeing them be successful.

What would be your career path in another life?
I would be a detective!

What is your favorite Bombshell Extensions Co product?
I love their hand tied wefts!

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Fave binge watch:
Married at first sight!

Fave food:
Caviar and anything with ricotta

Weekend activity:
Traveling, eating, and shopping

Coffee order:
I don't really drink coffee, but I love green tea

Next bucket list destination:


October 03, 2023

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