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-How did you get started in the Hair industry?

At 14, my mom got me a job at her hairstylist salon sweeping hair.


-What are your 3 must-have hair products?

Kevin Murphy Hair resort spray

Kevin Murphy Doo Over

Balmain strong hold mousse


-If you could have dinner with one person living or deceased, whom would it be?

Sir Richard Branson


-What’s your current favorite hair trend?

Mermaid-length hair and modern-day Bridget Bardot shag bangs


-If you could style one celebrity's hair, who would it be?

Jennifer Lopez aka JLO, because she is rockin' the mermaid hair right now and I love her hair every single time I see her. She never fails with her color or style.


-Describe a typical day-in-your life?

I wake up at 7:00am everyday, I get dressed, feed my cats and I am at work by 8:30am. I have clients from 9 am to 12pm. I try to get a lunch break - then back to work from 2pm to 7pm. I am traveling a lot and split my time between my Augusta salon and Atlanta salon.


-What’s the one habit everyone can do to get better/healthier hair?

Stop washing your hair every single day.


-Do you have any inspiring female role models or mentors?

I have an extremely strong work ethic, my Mom (Wanda Harrington) always worked and never called in sick. She created a monster!

I have been told I am hard headed, but if my accountant (Donna Bradley) tells me something I should be doing I listen!

One of my friends and clients Ashlee Wilson Clarke helps me keep my energy right.


-Do you have any tips for artists starting out in the industry?

You gotta struggle, there is NO easy way! Put in the work and it will pay off!


-What do you do to feel more inspired?

I am inspired by my surroundings, so I love to travel.


-What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t take advice from anyone you wouldn’t switch places with.


-What’s been your proudest moment in the industry?

Haven’t had it yet, I’ll let ya know when I do; )


-What would be your career path in another life?

I would work at DisneyWorld as a character actor.


-What is your favorite Bombshell Extensions Co product?

Bombshell Fusion Extensions





Fave binge watch:

Mystery Science Theater 3000


Fave food:

A cheeseburger in Paradise


Weekend activity:

What is a weekend? haha, I do love it when my family comes over and we have family time at the pool.


Coffee order:

Don’t drink coffee, bring me a sugar-free Red Bull.


Next bucket list destination:

Australia or Bali







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September 17, 2018 — Bombshell Extension Co