We get a lot of emails asking what our favorite tools & products are, so we compiled a list of our current faves!




While there are many great styling tools on the market, these are by far our fave; And trust me, we’ve tried almost all of them ; )



Babyliss Curling Iron -- If you aren’t big on spending a lot on your irons, then this is the one for you. It is still amazing quality, but definitely won’t break the bank.

1.5in Babyliss Iron

1.25in Babyliss Iron


GHD Soft Curl Iron -- This is the curling iron for you if you curl your hair (or are a stylist). This iron is GOLD (not literally haha), but it truly is the best iron on the market.


T3 Compact Flat Iron -- The cutest little mini flat iron ever! + amazing for flyways & getting close to the root.


Dyson Supersonic -- If you are reading this blog post, well, chances are you either do extensions, have extensions, are a hairstylist, or all of the above. Which means, you have a lot of hair to dry; that’s where the supersonic comes in...

This is the ULTIMATE machine. Literally, machine.

100% worth the investment, given it cuts your drying time down substantially!


Sheila Stotts Brush -- Replace your wet brush/detangling brush with this bad boy, you will never go back. Trust me!


Bombshell Extensions Brush -- If you’re wearing extensions, then you should already be using an extensions brush to preserve the health of the hair/application. Our brush is one of the best, whether you wear extensions or not it's the perfect amount of gentle/firm on the hair.


Easiweft Extensions Holder -- Everyone knows drying + keeping your extensions tangle-free when they aren’t in your head is pretty much, the easiweft.


Spornette Teasing Brush -- Because, who doesn’t love lots of volume & a good tease.


My Kitsch Rose Gold Crocodile Clip -- You might as well go ahead and order 3 packs. You will be obsessed. Perfect clip for sectioning & holding thick, long extension hair!




Summer faves for waves, braids, ponytails, and topknots.



IGK Coconut Oil Gel

The ultimate product. Use it in wet hair for extra moisture, hold, and shine. Use in dry hair to tame flyaways or creat a “wet look."


Ouai Volume Spray

The perfect universal volume spray for roots & throughout. It smells heavenly! Use in wet hair.


Kenra Dry Volume Burst

This product has 100% replaced any texture spray I was using! Use it in wet hair at roots, dry hair at roots, and throughout. Also, it doubles as a great dry shampoo!


Design Me Hold Me 3 Ways Hairspray

This is the one hairspray that has gotten me to leave Loreal Elnett. It smells amazing, is brushable, and has 3 different levels of hold all in one. Plus, the packaging is pretty ; )


Oribe Swept Up Volumizing Powder

At this point, I am pretty sure I have tried every volumizing powder there is on the market. Oribe takes the cake with this one, by far, with the application & the amount of volume this miracle product gives your roots.


IGK Anti Static Spray

If you are a fine-hair girl or an extensions girl, then you definitely have had to deal with some static. Think of this product as a dryer sheet in a can…takes away ALL static with one spritz! Also, great for my stylists who do a lot of wedding hair/upstyles.


IGK Blocked

So, it hasn't ever happened to me, but I hear a lot of blondes who complain that their hair changes color in the ocean or in a pool...Blocked basically works as a sealant on your hair to prevent any minerals or chemicals from changing your hair color to that pale orange/pink or mucky color.


Gem Lites Flawless Diamond Shampoo

I have tried pretty much every purple shampoo, and no ones' works as good as Gem Lites. Not only is it strong, but it tones blonde to the prettiest pale cool blonde, without dulling it out.


Iles Formula Shampoo/Conditioner/Serum

This is a newer line, and it is AMAZING for extensions or overprocessed hair.

I know it a bit pricey, but it is 100% worth it. It blows any other shampoo/conditioner line out of the water. Definitely get the full set.


Loreal Root Spray

Root out your extensions. I repeat…. Root out your extensions! Pretty much almost everyones hair has a little bit of root to it. Your extensions will blend 1000z better if you just spray a little root onto the top. Trust me!






Burton Wheelie Flight Deck:

Now, I have had a ZUCA for many years, but always struggled with fitting everything I need into it, the layout just wasn’t the best. The Burton Bag is a dream for traveling hairstylists. The compartments and layout fit all your products, hot tools, and everything in between!



I hope you all enjoyed a quick little guide to some of our faves. We will be sure to do a separate post with all our top hair accessories: including scrunchies, pins, bobbies, and bungees!







June 16, 2018 — Bombshell Extension Co