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We get asked often what kind of products we recommend to use on your Bombshell Extensions & We can't stress enough how important it is to use professional hair products.


1.- Mega Sleek Shampoo by Matrix- I've used this shampoo on my hair for years & still love it! It keeps hair extensions hydrated & it is pretty inexpensive.


2.- Mega Sleek Shampoo by Matrix- Goes best with Mega Sleek Shampoo.


3.- Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo- Best dry shampoo ever! It comes in light hair tones & dark hair tones. You guys, let me tell you a secret... I seriously wash my hair maybe once a week. This will save your extensions from becoming dry.


4.- Moroccanoil- Your scalp doesn't produce enough natural oil for your extensions, so buying a good oil is 100% recommended. Place oil on the mid-end of your hair while damp. This will also keep your hair hydrated.


5.- Nectar Thermique by Kérastase- I can't live without this product. This is a leave in treatment & protects your hair from heat!


6.- Elixir Ultime Oil by Kérastase- All time FAVORITE oil. I like to mix this with the Nectar Thermique & apply to the extensions while damp.


7.- Texture Takeover by Fave4- A combo of hairspray & dry shampoo. I always use this product after I curl my hair to give it that messy look.


8.- Flex Reflect Hairspray by Fave4- I love this hairspray because of how lightweight it is!


9.- Elixir Ultime Deep Conditioner by Kérastase- WORTH EVERY PENNY. If you want longevity out of your extensions, deep conditioning every week or two is a MUST.


10.- Bombshell Extension Brush!


*** Keep all oils, leave in treatments & conditioners off of the bond of your extensions, it will keep your hair extensions from slipping!





















July 31, 2016 — Bombshell Extension Co